Tweeting on Modernism

Inspired by the architecture of Community College Rhode Island’s Knight Campus, a Brutalist megastructure built in 1968, Tweeting on Modernism is a fleeting homage to the professional aspirations and ethical stance of modern architectural culture. The installation investigates the interaction between the architect and user by exploring the role of voice, authority and agency in architectural culture, putting the masters of Architectural Modernism in perpetual dialogue with each other and inviting instigations by users.

The installation incorporates public-domain audio recordings featuring five architects: Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van Der Rohe, Philip Johnson, Le Corbusier, and Louis Kahn, prominent contributors to architectural discourse on Modernism in the 20th century.

Tweeting on Modernism listens to the hashtag #modernism on the online social networking site Twitter and gets activated when relevant keywords are detected. The architects then engage in an ongoing conversation based on the detected keyword. An intelligent algorithm enables the five-architect stairwell conversation to evolve in semantically coherent, yet virtually unpredictable directions.

The project runs on the MAX/MSP-Jitter realtime signal and video processing environment and utilizes custom Java code.

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