Urban Fictionalization

St. PETERSBURG   is one of five films Ipek Tureli produced as part of her Diploma Thesis research at the Architectural Association.

Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky transformed the spaces of St.Petersburg into fiction. His characters walked the same streets and saw the same buildings and scenes from their windows as he saw. Today, the area he portrayed in his novels is named ‘Dostoevskaya’. In St.Petersburg, Ipek trailed the path of a fictional murderer, Raskolnikov of Crime and Punishment, and saw that the characters and the murder had become history and that this path of the murder has the power–to enable communication between people who do not have to share even the language. “The facts exit only as congeries of contiguously related fragments. These fragments have to be put together to make a whole of a particular kind.” (H. White) It is our expectations that make us decide that the new ordering of facts is factual or fictional. There is no rule to this decision.